Anna Babarinde introduces us to the roller coaster challenge for CoBuild19. Have fun building your own coaster with pool noodles and other household items. You can find details for the Roller Coaster Challenge here:


  • 2 ft. masking tape
  • 4 pipe insulation pieces (Each piece is a half lengthwise so the middle groove is exposed. Small pool noodles work too) If suggested material is not available, this can be done with pvc tubes, cardboard, plastic, paper or others. Pre-made coaster tracks or similar are not allowed.
  • 1 cup (paper, plastic, etc.)
  • 2 pieces of cardstock
  • 1 marble or bouncy ball


  1. Basic Roller Coaster : Build a roller coaster that your marble can ride without falling out. Also make sure your marble doesn’t fly off at the end.
  2. Loop : Add at least one loop to your roller coaster.
  3. Height : Build the highest roller coaster possible.
  4. Speed : Build a faster roller coaster.
  5. Jump : Include a “jump” in your coaster. Make sure your marble actually jumps and doesn’t fall through the crack.

You decide whether you want to add to the roller coaster or start over for each challenge.

Once you have three successful trials with your model, you can move to the next challenge.

Complete as many as you desire/are able to finish.


  • You may not cut or rip the pool noodles/pipe insulation.
  • You only have two feet of tape and two pieces of cardstock for ALL of the challenges- you can’t refill your supply between challenges, but you can reuse pieces
  • You can use things in your surroundings (chairs, etc.) with permission and only if you can keep your own feet on the ground (no climbing)