About CoBuildAtHome

CoBuildAtHome – Sharing Activities for Kids and Families at Home was created by educators and researchers to help youth and their caregivers to spend quality time together building and creating. We encourage and foster mental fitness, creativity and a safe and welcoming community during an unprecedented time when the world is dealing with the COVID19 pandemic. We hope you will find, engage in and play with, and enjoy the activities, events, and resources shared here. The activities are designed to be completed with free or low-cost materials, supplies, and tools found commonly in homes, around communities/neighborhoods, or readily accessible at local stores or ordered online.

As educators and researchers, we plan to use information about how families engage in the active-learning experiences to understand more about free-choice learning and gain insight on how we can improve the content we provide to meet the needs and interests of CoBuild19 group members. Any information we collect from this group will be anonymized for research purposes. We will never publish actual names and/or unobscured images of children.

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