In this video Anna shares the idea of how we can use the technique of Blackout Poetry and articles related to COVID-19 to make a meaningful and beautiful story to share with others.


  • A text related to COVID-19 (newspaper, magazine, mail, printed, digital)
  • Markers (Sharpie or other permanent markers work best)
  • Anything available in your home! Examples: cardboard, pictures, scrapbook paper, paint, glue.


  • Choose a text that relates to COVID-19 or your current context (Sheltering-In-Place, etc.)
  • Create a blackout poem out of the text
  • Present that poem in any style you choose. Be creative!!! (see examples in the video or links below for ideas)
  • Submit a picture or video of your poem to the CoBuild19 Group using the form provided here

Resources for Blackout Poetry:

What is Blackout Poetry?: Erasure and Blackout Poems

Text Resources

Digital Resource: Blackout Poetry Maker

Art Creation Resources

Challenge Extensions:

  • Create a secret message poem. Give the key to another person and they blackout parts to see the secret message.
  • Develop a quarantine time capsule that you can put your poem and other artifacts inside of. 
  • Make copies of the same article and see how members of your family or class make different poems from the same text.